Mixed Food colors

Synthetic food colors are divided into individual and mixed.

So-called individual, or colourants with individual selection of colors - it is certain colourants of most common colors, the most popular in the food industry.

Mixed colourants are obtained by mixing several individual pigments (using a special technology of mixing) to achieve the desired color.
Title Article Dosage (g/kg)
«Istelaton» Green 6104.01 0,05 - 0,5
Green Apple 6104.02 0,05 - 0,6
«Istelaton» Tarragon 6104.03 0,05 - 0,8
«Istelaton» Purple 6107.01 0,05 - 0,9
«Colourant Istelaton» Chocolate 6109.01
«Colourant Istelaton» Blackberry 6109.02
«Colourant Istelaton» Lemon 6109.03
«Colourant Istelaton» Orange 6109.04
«Colourant Istelaton» Estragon 6109.05
«Colourant Istelaton» Raspberry 6109.06


Application: production of soft and low-alcohol drinks, dairy industry, production of canned fruits and vegetables, bakery, flour confectionery and sugar confectionery.