marinadyMarinating - common method of pre-cooking of different products, designed to enhance and shade the taste of the original food ingredients, improve its consistency and increase the shelf life of products, produced using them.

Modern marinades are a complicated and balanced mixture from variety of components. Taste and flavor traditionally are created  by herbs and spices, salt and sugar, as well as plant extracts and essential oils. Special functional marinade ingredients provide the desired thickness and the effect of sticking to the surface of the meat, salt, citric and lactic acid make the meat more soft and moist, emulsifiers allow evenly distribute the oil in the composition of the marinade.


Title Article Description

Marinade for chicken № 1


Specially designed marinade for a series of products "Coating for chicken products in KFC style". 

The thick sticky marinade. Well covers chicken product and increases the yield by 12-15%. It provides a very high moist of finished products.

Marinade for chicken № 2


Marinade-liaison (two in one).
Suitable for marinating chicken products or meat. It creates a thick, sticky cover on the product, which allows make coating immediately after marinade without additional liaison.

It can be used as a thick marinade for semi-finished products in the culinary shops.
It contains well-balanced mix of spices

Marinade for chicken № 3


Marinade of economy class. Chicken semi-finished products immersed in a prepared solution to completely cover with marinade. The duration of marinating is from 2 to 12 hours.


Powder marinades without salt for rubbing meat

Title Article Description
Marinade "Shawarma" 82241.00

Specially selected composition of herbs and spices with a strong hint of cumin and a touch of cinnamon. Traditional Lebanese kebab marinade recipe, slightly sweet in flavor, with oriental spices.

Designed for dry marinade (rubbing), beef, lamb. It does not contain salt.

Marinade "Shishtauk"


The balanced composition of the spices mixture for poultry marinating. It has expressed hint of spicy pepper and light tones of ginger and cloves, which gives a distinctive taste "Shishtauk" to the finished product.

It does not contain salt.