For better fixing coating on the surface of the product you may use liaison. Liaison – a binder agent which is introduced into the product in order to create a membrane between the product and the environment. Often it is a mixture of raw eggs, milk or water. Pieces of fish, meat, minced products dip to liaison for fastening with the coating before frying. Liaison products are generally egg white or a whole beaten egg, gelatin, agar, starches. Also pastries wash over baking with liaison, it provides a beautiful shiny crust formation on the surface of products.

Unlike traditional, liaisons from company "ISTELA ROSA" contain special ingredients that instantly create a special membrane between the meat and coating during the roasting. This membrane holds the coating on the surface and saves moisture in the meat.


It is recommended to use with the following products:

Coating mixes


Title Description
Liaisons for fixation coating on the surface of the product
Liaison «Standart» Basic standard liaison.
Designed for better fixing the coating on the surface of the product. It creates a sticky membrane on the product, improves the taste of the dish.
Liaison «Creamy» Has a delicate and soft texture, as a result, coating become softer and delicacy after roasting.
The special composition of the mixture and controlled particle size (larger than "standard") provide good envelopment of product and increase fixing of coating.
Liaison «Nuggets» Classic liaison for nuggets. It forms a good membrane on the surface of the product and provides the required final product juiciness. For a beautiful spicy crust is recommended to use a special coating mixes. For the "economy" variant, you can use the breadcrumb.