Flavour additives for chips

vkusoaromati4eskiedobavkyFlavour additives - natural essential oils (including oleoresins), flavorings and flavor intensifiers, are added to food products in order to:

• stabilizing the taste and flavor of food;

• reconditioning of taste and flavor , lost in process of transformation and / or storage;

• reinforcement the natural flavor and aroma of products;

• flavouring  of tasteless products.


Title Article Description of taste
Barbecue 2202.00 Pork, roasted on the grill
Bacon 2203.00 Meaty, smoked
Bacon 2203.01 Meat, fried
Ham with cheese 2206.00 Smoked with creamy cheese
Mushrooms 2209.00 Forest agaric mushrooms
Mushrooms with sour cream 2209.01 Forest  mushrooms in sour cream sauce
Mushrooms with green 2209.02 Pickled mushrooms
Ketchup 2216.00 Fresh tomatoes
Crab 2218.00 Sweet, fresh
Shrimp 2219.00 Fresh, moist, tender
Chicken 2220.00 Grilled chicken
Onions with sour cream 2223.00 Fried onion with taste of sour cream
Paprika 2233.00 Sweet pepper with pungent notes
Salami 2236.00 Meat, with spices, smoked
Sour cream with green 2239.00 Light, fresh, fragrant
Cheese 2240.00 Type of cheddar, creamy, sweet
Tomato with Basil 2442.01 Tomato with fresh basil
Tomato with green 2442.00 Marinated tomato with green
Garlic 2245.00 Roasted, moist
Chile 2246.00 Hot red pepper


Application area: food concentrates of ready meals (soups, noodle products, cereal fast food), confectionery and bakery products, snacks, condiments, spices, muesli, processed cheeses.