Dry coating mixes for deep frying

Coating mixes are ready for using and intended for surface treatment of semi-finished poultry in KFC style. In composition of  coating mixes are used components that can withstand heat treatment in deep fat at 160 C (320F) from 4 to 10 minutes (the time of deep frying is dependent on the size of a piece of poultry) without browning and burning. To achieve this effect, all kinds of raw materials, including the "usual" flour, receive special pre-treatment.


Title Description

 Coating  «Standard F»

It is used in dry form for coating chicken wings and fillet after liaison.

Coating «Burning» It is perfect for coating snacks for beer. It has high pungency. After frying, product has a distinctive orange color and is different from other products in the plate.  It has special "Curly" surface.
Coating «Piri-Piri» It is very heat coating. It gives the product a bright deep orange color. Special coating for beer snacks. Unlike other coating it has the highest "crispness." Recommended for "Spicy wings". Creates the effect of chips or croutons for beer.
Coating  «Valencia spice» The standard type of  KFC coating with a lot of spices. The product gets more spicy taste without pungency like in "Burning" and "Piri -Piri" and a "toasted" color of the surface for contrast in made dish.
Coating concentrate «Premier» Coating concentrate with spices for blending with first or straight white wheat flour.


The range of flavors and appearance of coating mixes are selected, taking into account the preferences of our customers today, and can be completed with other forms for Your individual order.