Batter - from the french «claire» - liquid. Batter - is enveloping thick (semiliquid) products, flexible pasty coatings used to cover fish, vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat, mushrooms for faster frying and preservation juiciness of the product.
To taste batter can be sweet, bland, salt, it depends on which products it is used. Possible to add different ingredients: piquant or hot spices, soy sauce, freeze-dried onions and others, for special flavor and taste of batter.




It is recommended to use with the following products:




Title Description
Batter for the production of delicacy without coating
Batter "Delicate" Classic product for the production of portioned pieces of fish in batter. Universal. It can be used for the production of meat and vegetables in batter.
A) prepared portion of fish dip in batter and fry in oil.
B) portion of fish dip in coating "Standard F», then in batter and fry in oil. 
Batter for calamares Special batter for application to calamar rings, designed for industrial use. It has a thicker consistency for better fixing on the surface. Due to curcumin, finished product acquires beautiful yellow color. It is also recommended for delicate and sensitive fish products.
Batter for shrimps Special batter for the shrimp. Thicker than the "delicate". Due b-carotene has a deep yellow color compared to the "Calamar". It differs from all the batters by special lightness and a very strong increase in volume during roasting.