One of the most important areas of our business, we believe the provision of comprehensive technological support to the food industry enterprises.

Availability of our own experimental laboratory equipped with modern equipment and a team of highly skilled chemical engineers and technologist, allows us to provide our customers with the following services:

visiting customers' place by our engineers and managers; for products' presentations, test and trials;

• supplying free samples of products along with technological information;

• the development of original and exclusive products, as well as recipes upon request of enterprises;

• the development of products that simplify technological processes and significantly reduce the cost of the final product;

• supply of newest ingredients and technologies the world's leading producers of raw materials for the food industry and their adaptation to local conditions and technologies of domestic enterprises;


Our experts will help to ensure a consistently high quality of Your products, optimize technological processes, improve the economic efficiency of Your production, reduce risks of defective products production.

We will be glad seeing  you among our customers!