Our mission and values

JSC "Istela Rosa» - Belarusian manufacturer of flavoring compositions and food concentrates for drinks, confectionery and gastronomic products for the food industry, as well as a manufacturer of feed additives and concentrates for the agricultural industry.

Our Mission: The company «Istela Rosa» was established to satisfy expectations of our customers by manufacturing  local high-quality products. We are a service company and provide comprehensive technological support to our customers.

Our company's motto: "We make delicious products useful and useful products- delicious."

Our values:

1. Customer focus

The company exists primarily due to customers, so our customers - this is our main value. Meet customer needs and exceed their expectations, causing a feeling of admiration for our products and services – are the main duty of our employees.

2. Responsibility

Every employee is responsible for a particular area of work, contributing to the common cause, thereby ensuring the continuity of the production cycle of our products and services to customers. The result of the company - is the sum of personal contributions of employees.
We have the fullest and responsibly fulfill our duties towards our customers.


3. Professionalism

The qualification of our employees, the quality of our products and services, customer satisfaction is never enough. There is always room for improvement.

We appreciate knowledge, this can help us working effectively, so we support the efforts of our employees to continually learn and expand their skills and self-improvement.