Release of the guaranteed quality products is possible only as a result of careful laboratory investigations. In company  ISTELA ROSA quality check of the entering raw materials, production on the course of technological process and finished goods is provided by the accredited production laboratory (the certificate of accreditation on compliance to requirements of STB ISO-IEC 17025 (No. BY/112 from 24.10.2011) having permission No. 2014/382-ap to the right of work with microorganisms of III and IV groups of pathogenicity. The area of accreditation of laboratory covers 16 groups of production with definition more than 15 indicators.

Laboratory  of "Istela ROSA" is provided with modern equipment, allowing to realize researches of high accuracy. Laboratory researches carried out by experts with highest chemical, technological education and extensive experience in assessing the quality of the food, animal feed and dairy products.

Highly accurate equipment and techniques can determine a mass fraction of moisture, fat, acidity, solubility index, refractive index, relative density, and urease activity. In laboratory tests conducted microbiological organisms III and IV pathogenicity.

The company has implemented and certified management system of food safety based on hazard analysis and critical control points HACCP according to the standards of Belarus  STB 1470 - 2012 (compliance certificate № BY / 112 05.02.058 00378 from July 22, 2013. This system is aimed at cooperation in the field of food safety with all stakeholders: producers, experts and business associations, representatives of public authorities, regulatory bodies experts as well as consumers.

The implementation of the HACCP system in our company has allowed not only to guarantee consumers maximum safety of our products, thus gaining their loyalty and trust, but also to expand the geography of exports and presence in the domestic market, increasing sales, improve competitiveness. With HACCP our company does not need to choose between the safety of products and profitability.
Our company is included in the register of the Customs Union for the export of animal origin products. We supply our products to the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.